Specific Cut Ordering

To order the meat below please submit the request form at the bottom. Please included amount you would like and whether it is a market pickup or a home delivery. Weights vary for each cut and we will try to get to the pounds you request. If you want more than one package please indicate that as well. Thank you. 




Fresh Fish


Special Request for Seafood

If you are looking for other seafood (scallops, clams, oysters, fish types, ect.) We are happy to fill them if available. All we ask is one week prior notice to delivery date. Thank you.

Coming Soon.....

Stay tuned as we are about to add Lamb, Goat, and more to our delivery options. If you are looking for something specific please send us a comment below and we will try to fulfill your request.

Order Form

Please submit order for specific cuts. Please include whether you want to pick up at local farmers market or include in your home delivery order. A invoice will be sent to the email address provided. 

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